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Release date 2013-12-12
abbreviation xem
Core Algorithm SHA-256
Consensus Mechanism POW
Lane platform 212
Block Time 10 minutes
Mining method CPU/GPU
Official Site https://xem-coin.com

XEM Introduction

XEM is a point -to -point virtual currency. Published in early 2015, its source code was written by Java and 100%was original. NEM is widely published in the crowd, and its blockchain uses a newly inventing synchronous solution based on the importance proof of POI. NEM features also include: complete point -to -point security system encryption information systems and prestige system based on EIGENTRUST ++ algorithm.

XEM Advantage

NEM's next -generation core engine CataPult has been launched in November, and will be launched in the public chain next year. Catapult uses C ++ voice to reshape the core. Reached 4,000. And supports Aggregate Transaction, which will allow users to not only initiate payment transactions, but also initiate receipt transactions. It should be known that the advanced banking and payment systems are based on the receipt transaction, which will set off another revolution in the blockchain industry in the near future.

XEM Features

NEM has an original naming space/intelligent asset system, similar to the domain name/page structure of the Internet era. Each user can easily apply for its own naming space and publish assets on the chain on the public chain. XEM is the chain asset published in the basic name space of NEM. NEM is a zero -program -based Java -based blockchain system. The digital asset XEM running on it has the following basic characteristics:

  1. The perfect collection value -the total amount of XEM is constant, never inflation
  2. Convenient transaction -good chain transaction bearing capacity, TPS is very high
  3. Harvesting System -Get Passive Increase with Curns for Coins
  4. High -efficiency -The operation of the blockchain will not generate a lot of power demand and energy consumption
  5. Large demand -accounting and release of smart assets on the public chain need to consume XEM